About Us


dsi Billing Services was formed in 1999 to provide critical document printing and mailing services exclusively to Local Authorities. We have many long-term partnerships with Local Authorities to whom we are providing fully outsourced document solutions.

As a result of our focused approach, we fully appreciate the value, compliance, and statutory requirements of the documents that we design, print and mail on your behalf. Our entire team has a depth of knowledge specific to Revenues, Benefits, Housing and Electoral document production.

Our services extend beyond printing and mailing. We have worked closely with our clients to refine their internal processes, communicate more effectively, achieve e-government targets, and ultimately reduce costs.

Revenues, Benefits and Business Rates

  • Ad-hoc billing and recovery documents
  • Annual billing project management and execution
  • Daily and annual bill and benefit letter matching (with % liability validation)
  • e-mailing of bills
  • Provision of digital documents for upload into LA EDMS
  • MICR printing of Benefit, Ctax and Business Rates cheques (eliminates downtime of LA systems)
  • Postage savings through use of DSA partners and document matching
  • Use of highlight colour in recovery documents


Our development team are focused solely on the design and formatting of Local Authority documents. We have worked with data derived from almost every system in use within local government, and our development process is therefore very efficient. Moreover, our programmers have a working knowledge of the statutory, compliance and functional requirements of the documents we develop for you. This results in efficient design, effective communication and high levels of accuracy and quality.

  • Civica
  • Academy
  • Northgate
  • IBS
  • Pickwick
  • Strand
  • Halarose
  • Express
  • Comino
  • Oracle


We have secure production centres in Dagenham, Newcastle, Peterborough, Nottingham and Bristol. We are able to switch production between sites, which means that we can easily accommodate large peaks, and have inbuilt Disaster Recovery resilience.

Our production centres have unsurpassed printing and mailing capabilities, and can accommodate virtually any printing and distribution requirement, without having to rely on third party suppliers.

Printing & Enclosing

  • High-speed cut-sheet and continuous mono and highlight colour laser printing
  • Full colour variable digital printing (litho quality)
  • High-speed continuous full colour digital printing
  • Litho B1 and B2 printing
  • Full colour Web printing
  • Intelligent mailing systems (capable of enclosing multi-page documents such as merged Council Tax Bills and Benefit Letters)