What is govmail?

govmail acts as a virtual printer driver, and can be installed by each user via secure Web download. Any documents that the user subsequently prints can be easily routed through the govmail interface, previewed and adjusted on the screen, and inserts included at the click of the mouse. Users can:

  • Print directly from their PC
  • Preview documents, and adjust
  • Include generic inserts

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced printing and mailing costs
  • Consolidates mail to secure large postage discounts via our DSA partner Whistl (formerly TNT Post)
  • Reduced internal costs associated with users printing and enclosing their own documents
  • Promotes best-practice document design and brand adherence

How Secure is govmail?

Your documents are encrypted at the point of creation, and then decrypted when they arrive on our secure server.

How can I verify production of my documents?

Each user has access to a web portal and that reports the production status of every document submitted, and allows them to view an archived version of each page (including inserts). A notification is sent to each user upon completion of printing, enclosing and collection by Whistl (formerly TNT Post). Fully itemised activity and reconciliation reports are provided, enabling the authority to monitor user activity and cross-charge internally.